Fees for Boarding:

Barn: $450.00 month base price

Pasture: $330.00 month base price

Short term Board: $15.00 a day

Overnight stabling: $15.00  per night per horse

Fees for Lessons:

1 Hour $35.00

½ Hour $20.00

Package of 4 (1 hr) lessons prepaid  $120.00

Group lesson $25.00 per rider/handler

Horse Hiking Lessons: $10.00 per hike per horse/handler

Coaching Fees:

Local Schooling Shows: $25.00 a day (no overnight)

Local Rated Shows: $50.00 a day (no overnight)

Away Shows:

Single student showing: $100.00/ day + expenses.

Multiple students showing: $50.00/ day + expenses

Hauling Fees:

50 miles or less round trip:    single horse $50.00     multiple horse: $ 30.00 per horse

Mileage over 50:  single horse 0.75 per mile     multiple horse: 0.50 per mile

All Prices Subject to Change Please Call to Confirm Fees.