Q Will you board stallions?
A Yes, please contact me by phone with information about your stallion.

Q Will you board mares with foals at side?
A Yes

Q What type of feed do you use?
As of December 14, 2014 we feed Thrive Feed to all horses.

  Check out  www.thrivefeed.com for more information on the feed.


Q How long are your lessons?
A Lessons length: half hour to one hour, group lessons will run a little longer.

Q How old does a child have to be before you will teach them?
A I will not start anyone under the age of 4.

Q Do you require safety gear
A Yes, Shoes with heel, long pants, riding helmet for anyone under 18 years of age; anyone working over fences. Helmets are suggested for everyone.


       Q Do you sell eggs?
       A Yes

Q Do you offer hay for sale? What size, type?
A From time to time we sell hay. Please call for more information.